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Spectral Karaoke

Spectral Karaoke is a new experimental / improvisation project, comprising a revolving collective of artists connected with BEAST (Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre), part of the University of Birmingham.
We had our first event at PanPan in Digbeth during August 2023, and keep an eye/ear out for further event and some improv remix works.
Low Red Moon

Low Red Moon is a Birmingham-based collective performing Alt Psych-Fi music across Birmingham's best loved music venues. The collective ia also responsible for their own curated DIY events around the city and were awarded Arts Council funding for a series of events in the city.
I have been a member of the collective since 2019, providing glitches, pops and oscillations, as well as some singing writing and production duties.

Control Will Set You Free ep

Short Bursts Fom a Starting Gun


Florian Meindl - The Way it Took Us (The Static Hand Remix)

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