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FORM Journal: Issue 1 "Time"

Archived Futures: Digging in the Crates of Always by Gary Charles

The Vila Legodi Centre for Sculpture published a Journal featuring a reprint of my essay looking at Artificial Intelligence and the flattening of cultural time and logics. The print follows on from the Bohlale Ba Maka project that was realised in collaboration with Napo Masheane, Carla Busuttil and Thulisile Binda while working at the centre as Artists in Residence at the Nirox Scupture Park (South Africa) in 2022.
Infrastructures of Security: Technologies of Risk Management in Johannesburg  by Prof. Martin Murray

Mosquito Lightning: Epilogue by Gary Charles & Carla Busuttil

We contributed an epilogue in Martin's book covering our Mosquito Lightning project. The book is part of the African Perspectives series from University of Michigan Press and delves into the privatised security landscape in Johannesburg, looking at the intersection of security service providers and the development of technologies aiming to reinforce conditions of surveillance. The book reveals the way in which data gathered from the privatised surveillance infrastructure is sold and used as material for training Artificial Intelligence models embedded in security technology marketed across the globe. Our Mosquito Lightning project looked at the same private security landscape from a viewpoint of how the services and technologies of these companies were marketed and sold, with a critical look at the crude gendered and racialised messaging that underpins the image presented by these firms. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Martin and to be included in his book.
Archived Futures: Digging In The Crates Of Always

Article looking at the cultural relevance of Artificial Intelligence in the creation and curation of art and music.
Published as part of the Alluvium Journal special edition: Futurity In Crisis.
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De-composing Infinity: Uncontrollability as Creative Practice in Flat Cultural Time

A look at biases and assumptions baked into Artificial Intelligence Music software and the protocols that underpin them. Presented at Kunstquartier Bethanin, Berlin

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CTM Festival 2019 - Researcher Network Paper Presentation



Scenes From A Chasm


Supported by British Council and Arts Council England

A curatorial project bringing together the work of four artists grappling with the mechanics, effects and challenges of the global wealth gap. 

Presented at Cuchifritos Gallery, New York

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