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Always The Land

So what was this Earth that the meek were to inherit?

What if it had already been inherited? 

A film, installation and performance in collaboration with Carla Busuttil & Jodie Langford. The theme of the work takes the North East Coast of England as it’s starting point and primary setting. This coastline holds particular fascination as the site of some of the country’s most rapid coastal erosion (due to climate change), as well as its largest renewable energy projects in the form of offshore wind farms. These interlocking developments form an ideal location for artistic interrogation. In the film, we find #AltBlingQueen and her Jester, MiddleLanders casting spells and enchantments to the ocean, sending clicks from a groovebox, summoning jewelled creatures that hold the seabed hostage. They seek to release the wind, the land and the seabed back to The Commons, freed from the shackles of private enclosure, emancipated from the scourge of rent-seekers and inherited wealth. 
Shown at Recent Activity, Birmingham.
Performance at Stryx Arts -
Always land web film .webp
Jewelled creatures of the sea at an offshore wind farm.jpeg
Always land web film .webp
Archived Futures: Digging In The Crates Of Always
Article looking at the cultural relevance of Artificial Intelligence in the creation and curation of art and music.
Published as part of the Alluvium Journal special edition: Futurity In Crisis.
From article.png
Putting my left foot inside the right side of my smile
A Mixed Media digital animation presented as part of Corsica Studios Schemata 2.0 / Ident. An online exhibition utilising the Art City platform. This project is delivered as part of the South Birmingham (SoBir) Kollektiv.

Final video 21115.png
Final video 23335 2.png
Further-in x BEAST  (29/01/21
Livestream of recorded performance in collaboration with Valentina Vuksic - And We Understood, Seldom is the Number
Indeterminate Futures - University Of Dundee
Presentation of paper discussing 'over-determined' composition tools, and how to break Artificial Intelligence music software.
Anyone Can Play AI - IASPM Punk Scholars Network 2020
The Reanimation Of Polly Tacks
Installation and video work reanimating a Gigantona Puppet created for the Poll Tax demonstrations of 1990.
A group of artists were invited to respond to the archives of the local community centre / art space. Through a series of workshops and interactions with the local community we were invited to create work to be shown as part of Audiograft 2018.
Presented at East Oxford Community Centre, UK
Part of Re:Sounding, Audiograft 2018
Supported by Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU) and Oxford Brookes University
leaning 2.jpg
Tell Me What I Want, What I Really Really Want
Sound Installation placed in the toilet/cloakroom. A composed double duet between myself, Alexa, Siri and Voice of Google.
Presented as part of FUSION at Rising Sun Art Centre, Reading UK
Fringe event of Reading International, 2018
Curated by Simone Hesselburg, supported by Arts Council England.
Erosion Seems Impossible, Until The Land Is Gone
Stills from silent projections
Presented as part of FUSION at Rising Sun Art Centre, Reading UK
Fringe event of Reading International, 2018
Curated by Simone Hesselburg, supported by Arts Council England.
Freedom Comes In Many Forms, Each Without Another Is Incomplete
Presented as part of [inside] OUTSIDE at OVADA Warehouse Space, Oxford 2016
Re-Mapping Series
Presented as part of [inside] OUTSIDE at OVADA Warehouse Space, Oxford 2016
Coded by national genesis and/or census data.
Mogul      (in collaboration with Victoria Perry)
A former press baron returns to his stately home. Feeling uncomfortable in his new ego-spirit re-incarnation, he looks back on his life, behaviour and choices. Regret overwhelms him, particularly when he discovers what he believes to be the fountain of youth nestled right in his old backyard. Mogul tells a story of power lost, mortality found, and the role of individual characters in the evolution of mass media.
Mosquito Lightning      (in collaboration with Carla Busuttil and Chris Saunders)
Mosquito Lightning is an ongoing project, in collaboration with Carla Busuttil and Chris Saunders. The project looks at the increasing move towards privatisation of police and security services, as seen through the prism of widening levels of wealth inequality across the globe. Taking the South African private security industry as a starting point, Mosquito Lightning is a fictitious security firm, modelled on real-life examples. The firm has its own corporate branding, website, uniform and television advertisement. 

When The Bow Breaks


Stills from film & performance

November, 2015



Live performance (with Carla Busuttil) - 8 July, 2015


The Workbench - Milan, Italy

Polish Your Teeth, Polish Your Speech

Plastic Dreams (White Performance)

Short Film

Credit Cards & Contact Mics

Eye of the Geiger (for Aktive Raume, Berlin)

Poundstore Painting Series


Poundstore Painting Outtakes (No.2)


Film Work (in collaboration with Carla Busuttil)

Stills from Pompom Possession


Stills from The Credo


Stills from No More History


Hi Culture

Trashcan Algorithm

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